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1965 karácsonya: Snoopy és Charlie Brown bombasikere

Bud Spencer-Terence Hill, töltött káposzta, Reszkessetek, betörők! és Mariah Carey. Ezekből biztosan tudjuk, hogy karácsony van. Ahogy az USA-ban ezt a hangulatot az "A Charlie Brown Christmas" c. 25 perces, 1965-ben készült klasszikus rajzfilmjétől kapják a rajongók. A lenti rövid szövegből megtudod, miért is. Ja, és nem mellékesen ez egy kicsinyített Paragraph Headings nyelvvizsga feladat. wink

You will read an article about the TV special A Charlie Brown Christmas.  Match each paragraph to the correct heading.

You can look up unknown words here:


A How Peanuts made it into a cartoon film

B Not just any old Christmas cartoon

C The story is just lovely

D You know Snoopy, don’t you?

1 Snoopy on mugs, phone cases, pillows, etc. Snoopy is extremely popular in Hungary but not everyone knows he’s Charlie Brown’s pet beagle. Charlie Brown, a lovable loser, a nervous little boy, leader of the Peanuts gang.

2 Peanuts, one of the most popular comics of all time made its first appearance as a TV cartoon on December 9, 1965. With 36 million viewers it was a huge success. The short film A Charlie Brown Christmas is now a Christmas must-have in the United States.

3 The film was originally sponsored by Coca Cola. The creators had only 3 months to make it, finally they came out with a very unusual movie: the characters have children’s voices, it has no laugh track, the animation is really simple, the whole thing is pretty slow, the soundtrack is jazz, it has a massive element of social criticism (commercialisation and secularization of Christmas), it has a few lines from the Bible.

4 Christmas is coming and Charlie isn’t really happy. He feels bad about commercialism that surrounds the holiday. His friend, Sally suggests that he should direct the school Christmas play. He hopes it will help him find the true meaning of Christmas. After some difficulties, with a little help from Linus, his blanket-dependent friend, who makes a speech the real Christmas happiness appears.

You might be very curious now. Relax, lean back and watch the 25 minute video yes

KEY: 1 D 2 A (B) 3 B (A) 4 C



Answers:1-D 2-A 3-B 4-C