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A new way of story telling / The 13-tweet love story


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How do you eat love stories? Do you watch rom coms? Do you believe in love at first sight? Do you read romantic books? Do you celebrate Valentine's Day? 

Whatever your answer, we bet you've never read a Twitter love story. 

Well, here's one, and we promise it will improve your English if you read it and do the exercise that follows:


Can you imagine it as a short video? If yes, what are the dialogues like? We wrote our own version. wink

Read the 4 imaginary dialogues below. Some lines are missing from them. Match the lines (A-D) with the gaps (1-4) to make each dialogue complete.

A. I didn’t want to admit to myself but I’ve always had a thing for you.

B. So thrilled it turned out like this.

C. Really? Listen, I need to think about it. I’m just going to the back, alright?

D. How long?


GIRL: I think I kind of ... like you...
BOY:  (1)
GIRL: Six months or so.
BOY: (2)
GIRL: Sure. just go.
CUSTOMER: Can I have a refill?
GIRL: Here you are.
BOY: (3)
GIRL and BOY: Is it okay if we leave for a few minutes?
CUSTOMER: Go ahead.
BOY: (4)
GIRL: Sorry about this whole thing. This is for you.
CUSTOMER: Come on! But anyway, thanks, it looks fantastic.

Key: 1-D; 2-C; 3-A; 4-B