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Beyond Despacito - Mick Jagger is back with a message

Some of the greatest rock stars do express their political views, though not necessarily in their songs. Yet, Mick Jagger, the legendary  singer of The Rolling Stones, has felt recently that the time has come to pour his emotions, disappointment into two new songs, England Lost and Gotta Get a Grip

Jagger shows how worried he is, living in a post-Brexit and Trump-loaded world. His sentiments seem to be shared by plenty of other musicians, since within 2-3 weeks, 5 remixes have already been released of the two songs. 

Check out the 2 videos, one with the lyrics, the other one followed by the lyrics.

England Lost

Jagger's very first political commentary expresses his disapproval of Brexit, telling the story of a football match from a supporter's point of view:

Gotta Get A Grip'

This song was born out of the anxiety Mick Jagger has felt over politicians who act like idiots, distribute fake news or represent anti-science, and about the craziness of our world in general.

Gotta get a grip
Beat it with a stick
Gotta get a grip
She goin' for the hit
The world is upside down
Everybody lunatics and clowns
No one speaks the truth
And madhouse runs the town
Well you gotta get a grip
Beat it with a stick
You gotta get a grip

Everybody's stuffing their pockets
Everybody's on the take
The news is all fake
Let 'em eat chicken and let 'em eat steak
Let 'em eat shit, let 'em eat cake
You gotta get a grip
You gotta get a grip
You gotta keep it zipped
And shoot 'em from the hip
Yeah, yeah, you gotta get a grip
Beat it with a stick

I tried diversion and I tried coercion
Mediation and medication
LA culture and aquapuncture
Overeating and sex in meetings
Induced insanity, Christianity
Long walks and fast drives
And wild clubs and low dives
I pushed and I strived
But I can't get you, can't get you
Can't get you out of my mind
Gotta get a grip

Oh you, oh you
Oh you, beat it with a stick
Immigrants are pouring in
Refugees under your skin
Keep 'em under, keep 'em out
Intellectual, shut your mouth
Beat 'em with a stick
Oh you
Gotta get a grip
Gotta get a grip
Chaos crisis instability, ISIS
Lies and scandals, wars and vandals
Metadata scams and policy shams
Put 'em in a slammer
Gotta get a grip
Gotta get a grip
Come on


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