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Bikini Day

Bikini or one-piece bathing suit? Your choice may depend on many things. Whichever ladies choose, they have the option. Hundred years ago it wasn’t so.


Watch the video about the history of the tan and the bikini:

Read these paragraphs and put them in the order they were spoken about in the video:


The Second World War changed women's fashion, there were restrictions and fabric had to be spared. In 1946 a French designer created the bikini, named after a nuclear testing site. Bikinis were considered okay if they fit through a wedding ring.


Although it's unhealthy, in summer people flock to the beach to enjoy the sun. This habit started when fashion designer Coco Chanel once got a bit too much suntan on her Mediterranean cruise. Her fans found her looks glamorous and a new fad began.


By the 50 European women wore bikinis, Americans followed them 10 years later. Bikinis were all over, with the spread of Californian surf culture.


Earlier, pale skin was trendy, it showed that you have enough money to laze away your days instead of working outdoors in the sun. After Coco, suntan showed the same: you are rich enough to idle away the day at the beach. Bathing suits used to be big, covering their wearers' necks and legs. Police often checked if the suits were not too small or revealing.


Dou you want to retell the story? You might need these words and expressions:

Key: 1-B, 2-D, 3-A, 4-C