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Couchsurfing vs. Hostels

Travelling (with friends) might be on your #summerbucketlist (the list of things you don’t want to miss this summer). When it comes to accommodation, you’d probably go for a budget solution, so 5-star hotels are out. frown

What, then?

If you don’t insist on a double room with an en-suite bathroom with full English breakfast in a hotel’s fancy restaurant, choose a youth hostel or couchsurfing. The second one is an option only if you are willing to host someone in your own home in exchange. Why would you? Because you don’t want to pay for your own stay. Okay, let's slow down a bit.

What exactly is a HOSTEL and what is COUCHSURFING?

Whether you plan a couchsurfing-based trip this summer or prefer some luxury accommodation, you may take a B2 level language exam one day, where this task card might find you: B2 Speaking, Task 4 - Discussion.

You and your partner are planning your summer holiday on a budget. What are some factors you have to consider when you want to decide if you are going to stay at a hostel or couchsurf?

•  e.g. price

• ……………..

• ……………..

• etc.

Now, why don't you practise the phrases and words that came up?