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Cute Scottish girl's Easter dilemmas

Easter is another holiday that reflects core values but has become commercialized.

In this short video Scottish comedian, Mark Nelson’s little daughter Isla wants to get a few things straight about Easter.

It is not only cute as hell but also lets you enjoy their Scottish accent, practice your listening skills. If you take on the challenge and complete the task below the video, you can also pick up some vocabulary on how to express understanding and not understanding things (see the phrases in bold italics),  and get a bit of exam practice. (Something like the Making Notes task of the Listening part, just much easier, soft and fluffy. wink)

Here’s a summary of the video, some phrases are missing. Place them to the right gaps.

having fun together    the  basket habits        tons of chocolate

This is a video of Isla and her daddy talking about Easter.

Isla has mixed feelings about Easter. She is quite confused. She doesn't understand why her parents give her so much chocolate at Easter, while at other times they say it's unhealthy. Her country is affected by the obesity epidemic and people eat (1) ____________________________________ , which just doesn't make sense to her.

She is rather puzzled about the characters as well. She cannot grasp how Easter Bunny is related to Jesus. She has serious questions about (2) ____________________________________ of Easter Bunny or the chocolate preferences of biblical figures.

Her daddy tries to push the message of religious tolerance and points out that(3) ____________________________________  is the essence of it, but then Isla comes up with the bunnies vs. laying eggs controversy.



1-tons of chocolate; 2-the basket habits; 3-having fun together


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