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Do you speak EMOJI?

We love emojis, don't we? They are are part of our written language now, after starting their journey at the end of the 1990s, when they were only used in texting and emails, especially in Japan. Because of Japanese people’s traditional need for images and symbols to express emotions with them. After all, you can’t use gestures and facial expressions in a text message, can you? 

So in 1999 Japanese developer Shigetaka Kurita invented emojis. It all started with 180 little symbols...



Now we are proficient users of emojis, we can even tell a story with emoji help:

It looks a bit like Task 2 (Picture Story) of the B2-level Speaking text wink

Now look at the emojis only and try to retell the story:


Sheila was about fourteen when she had to see the doctor. The hospital where her doctor worked was in a big, about a hundred km away from her home. Her parents were busy, they thought Sheila was old enough to take the train to the city alone. They told her how to use the public transport, and one morning she left.

Everything went great, she arrived, went to the hospital, her doctor checked her. After that she went to the railway station and caught her train. She found a comfortable seat and started to read a book. She was quite hungry, she had eaten her food earlier. It was also getting dark. She checked the time and realized something was wrong. She was scared.

She asked the ticket inspector where the train was heading. She was on the wrong train! She was in a panic. She got off at the next railway station, which was a bad idea since it was a tiny station with no train back that day. It was before mobile phones, so she asked the railway man (who was, by the way, a horrible man) to let her call her family. They were shocked. Sheila had to sleep at the train station, she was cold and hungry all night. (It was October and the weather was tough.) On the next morning she finally took the train home.

The only good part of the story was that she skipped school that day.


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