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Before choosing which festival(s) to go to, never forget to read reviews. On TripAdvisor, for instance. 

Please, complete the task with this 4-paragraph review on SZIGET Festival.

Read the text and decide if the piece of information in A-D refers to paragraph 1, 2, 3 or 4. *

This paragraph...

A) tells you about how magically insane the whole experience is, with the lineup, the atmosphere of the lake.

B) is only about drinking, eating, and the prices.

C) is a personal account, with some advice concerning the weather.

D) highlights the cleanliness and the writer is satisfied with the prices and the service concerning food and drinks.

1. Honestly, can't wait to go back and feel this kind of vibe one more time!! Friendly and helpful people all around, clean enough for that size of event. Balaton Sound drinks and food prices are very reasonable and you are getting served quite quick.. what else do you need?

2. We went as a mixed group of Irish people for the full 7 days of Sziget and I couldn't recommend this more. We were lucky with the weather as it was not as hot as it has been other years but it was still quite hot. I would advise you to get there early so that you can pitch your tent in the shade. Also, it gets really cold at night as there is no cloud cover so definitely bring a hoodie or two to keep you warm.

3. The one disadvantage is, unlike most festivals, you cannot bring alcohol in from outside Sziget Festival and drinks are pricey. Spirits and mixers are the same prices as Dublin, but you can get cans of Dreher for €2.50 and wine is also cheaper than other drinks. With regards to food, however, there is a wide variety at the festival with something to cater for all tastes - and this is all reasonably priced!

4. Five nights of complete madness, with bits of clarity in between. Every night tops the other in terms of craziness. The names that performed are of legend and it's a really good platform for aspiring DJs to show what they’ve got. Highly recommend it, doesn't matter what type of music you like, the spirit of Balaton will drag you into this magical spiral of madness.

*This simple task is 100% identical with Task 1 in the B1-B2-C1 Euroexam Reading Test: Paragraph Headings yes


Key: 1-D, 2-C, 3-B, 4-A

Vocabulary boost:

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