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On Bali alone at 12

Can you think of three things that a 12 year old is able to do?

Another three things that they are allowed to do?

How about booking a flight or boarding a plane? Are these on your list?

Well, you may have heard about 12-year-old Drew, a boy from Australia who’s just been back from a holiday in Bali, Indonesia.

Here’s his story:

And here’s an idea about how to use this story to improve your picture story skills:

Step 1

Drawing challenge: read the following descriptions of scenes from the story and draw a picture for each of them. (Don’t do it alone, involve your friends, set a time limit for each picture. You can post your pics on Instagram, use the hashtag #euroexampicstorydrew, don't forget the number f your picture.)

Step 2

Take 10 minutes to prepare to tell the story, follow our tips.

Step 3

Tell the story. Make a video of yourself telling the story and showing the pictures.

Picture descriptions: