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Példaképünk: Charlie Brown!

Snoopy's owner, Charlie Brown is quite a philosophical dude. In the short film A Charlie Brown Christmas, he is pondering about how commercial Christmas is. And this hasn't changed since the release of the movie in 1965. And hey, doesn't this thing look like an oral exam task? Well, hmmm. Yeah! This looks like Task 4 (Discussion) of the B2 Speaking test.

Task: You are going to talk to a partner about a topic. (Ask a friend or your teacher to help.)

Your topic is:

What are some of the factors that make Christmas a commercial holiday?

  • First make a spoken list of four or five things. 
  • Then, when you have done that, discuss which one is the most important. Remember to give reasons for what you say. You have 3 minutes altogether to try and agree.

Watch the video for inspiration: