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St. Patrick's Google Doodles

On 15th March Hungarian users of Google saw a unique logo (Google Doodle) with the Hungarian national flag. Similarly, there is a St Patrick's Day logo on 17th March every year.

Look at these, aren’t they amazing?






But why green? Why do dancers skip so quickly? Why are those shamrocks everywhere?

You can find out more about them, just read the short descriptions. Ahem, of course, this is also an exercisewink You don’t want to go away without polishing your reading skills, do you?


Look at the doodles above, then read the paragraphs. Match the doodles (1-3)  with the texts (A-C).


This doodle was inspired by one of the most beautiful books of all times, the Book of Kells. This is a handmade, illustrated book from the middle ages. There are mysteries around it: it contains materials from as far as Mesopotamia and has Coptic motifs from Egypt. What's more, no one can explain how it managed to survive the Viking invasion.


The cute little figures of the logo are obviously performing céilí dance, which is an Irish dance. Dancers often do complicated and fast dance moves in formations. This formation is a line, but it can also be a circle. Irish dancers usually wear something green. Why green? You might think it represents the colour of the beautiful grass of Ireland, but no. Green was used by the rebels who fought against the  English crown in 1641.


The latest Google Doodle is definitely an island, two shamrocks run up and down, they give each other a high five each time they meet. It represents the mystical island of Skellig Michael off the coast of Ireland. A picture worth a thousand words, so you’d better click here to look (virtually) around. Why shamrocks? Legend has it that St. Patrick (patron saint of Ireland) used a shamrock to illustrate the Holy Trinity (the three persons in one God) to his congregation.



Key: 1-B ; 2-C ; 3-A


>>>Innen megtudhatjátok, hogy készíthetitek el a saját zöld sörötöket.

>>>Talán a sörhöz lehet köze, ma van az alvás világnapja is.

>>>További információ a mai google Doodle-ről.