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Tanulj szavakat könnyedén - még mindig a Quizlet-tel!

A virtuális tanulókártya alkalmazás, a Quizlet biztosan nem új a számodra, ha másért nem, azért, mert már olvashattál róla itt és itt. Most, hogy tudod, hogyan készíts szó-csomagokat, szeretnénk, ha kipróbálnád, mi mindent tud még a rendszer. Készítettünk két szettet, egy angol-magyart és egy angol-angolt, amikkel kipróbálhatod a ‘Flashcards’, a ‘Learn’, a ‘Speller’, a ‘Test’, a ‘Scatter’ és a ‘Gravity' funkciókat.

Most pedig olvasd el az alábbi néhány leírást, és találd ki, melyik bekezdés melyik funkció leírása?

  1. It’s for the lazy ones ;) Just write the word you hear, the meaning is written next to the text box for you. In one round you’re asked 7 words. There are many rounds, every word is asked twice. Do it until you reach 100% (check your progress on the left). This will teach you how to correctly spell the items, and you’ll remember the meaning as well. Hopefully...

  2. With this function you will surely know the words and their meanings, definitions, as well as their spelling. Use it until all your words are in the green, “correct” box. Some people stop after all the words have appeared, although there are some (that were wrong) in the red box. Eh! Don’t do that!

  3. A game, and its fun part is the race against the clock. It is especially good to practise words that go together and sentences with missing words. Cool game, but only this will not teach you the new vocab items.

  4. This is a space-themed game. Save the planet from an asteroid crash by typing the words correctly. It won’t let you get away with only recognizing the word :)

  5. You can make your own pop quiz. On the right you can tick the type of task you want, the number of words and so on. After completing the test, you are given your score, also your grade A-F. As if you were at school in the US.

  6. This is great to memorize the meaning and the pronunciation of your words. First, click on the yellow star in the top right corner of the card you can’t remember. Then choose only the words with the stars. You can remove the star once you know the word. Repeat this until all you can remove all the stars. This is a brilliant function, it will not teach you how to write your words though.



1-Speller; 2-Learn; 3-Scatter; 4-Gravity; 5-Test; 6-Flashcards