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The 13-tweet love story: Part 2


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A man called Jerry has recently witnessed the birth of a beautiful romance in a cafe. He loved it so much, he shared it with the whole world. On Twitter. In incomplete sentences, in maximum 140 characters, in informal style.

We turned it into a reading task with a short exercise that should remind you of Task 2 of the B2 Reading test. Read the tweet-story - again - and swipe down to the exercise.

After you have read the tweets above, please, read the story below. While reading, or after it, decide which character each statement describes: Jerry, the Girl or the Boy?

This person was puzzled for a while. Jerry / Girl / Boy
This person was quite patient. Jerry / Girl / Boy
This person was eavesdropping. Jerry / Girl / Boy
This person made a confession first. Jerry / Girl / Boy

A Twitter user called Jerry was sitting in a cafe all alone one day when he overheard the conversation of the two baristas, a girl and a boy.  It turned especially interesting when the girl just told the boy she had had a crush on him. She’d liked him for about half a year then.

Our Jerry couldn’t help listening to them and crossed fingers for the girl. He was so excited that he live tweeted the whole story. The boy looked kind of astonished, he said he needed to go to the back to think about what to say now.

Jerry wanted another coffee but also understood it wasn’t the best moment as the girl was pretty nervous, he just feel that. He got a refill though while the boy was still at the back.

After a while the boy returned to kiss the girl. As it turned out he had also been attracted to her. Then they both turned to Jerry and asked him if he’d mind them leaving for a few minutes. Of course he said okay. So romantic, it was like a fairy tale and Jerry was witness to their mutual confessions and a blossoming love story! It sounds pretty corny but he got more and more enthusiastic.

He couldn’t help noticing how the baristas were not able to stop themselves from kissing. Jerry was a very patient customer which they appreciated and the girl brought him a free muffin, no wonder he stayed till closing. The story restored his faith in humanity. The moral of the story for Jerry was to be like that cafe girl who was not afraid to reach out for love. Love is out there!


Key: 1. Boy; 2. Jerry; 3. Jerry; 4. Girl