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The 13-tweet love story turned into a Picture Story

A sweetly tweeted story told by Jerry. But he was not the only character present the whole time. There was Tom the boy and the barista girl, let's call her Ashley. So how would she tell the same story?

Read her version below the tweets. It sounds very much like a well-told story in Task 2 of the B2 Speaking test - minus the pictures. wink Do you like it? Watch out for the varied linking words, the lively exclamations! You will also have a chance to develop your vocabulary with our extra task.

As Ashley, the barista girl saw the story

The day I told Tom I liked him there was this strange guy sitting on the right from the door.  Actually there was no one else. If the cafe had been empty it would have been way easier, but anyway. I spat it out1: I told Tom how I had been feeling. He was quite surprised. He was weird2, actually. He stormed3 to the back to think. This guy (the only customer) seemed very curious. There’s no privacy these days!  Well, he wanted a refill4 so there was no chance of him to leave. He just didn’t get it, ridiculous! Tom returned and then just kissed me, out of the blue5! The guy was staring6 at us shamelessly7, fidgeting8 with his phone sometimes.  He just didn’t want to leave so we asked him if he didn’t mind us going to the back for a few minutes. He was impossible to get rid of9.  Tom wanted me to spend the night with him, a crazy idea! We went back and the guy was still there, busy chatting on his phone or something. Yeah, when we came back he was still there! The moron10! We didn't really care, kissing and all... I thought I’d give him a complimentary11 muffin to gently nudge12 him to ask for the bill, but no... Guess what... he stayed until closing! Later it turned out he was live tweeting the whole story! It went viral13! Incredible14!

Tom? How about Tom? We broke up last week. He turned out to be married with twin babies. Bastard!

Look at the words and phrases with numbers. Now read the definitions below. Can you match them?

A. another bit of drink
B. confessed quickly
C. gratis
D. idiot
E. looked fixedly
F. make him go away
G. motivate lightly
H. moved forcefully
I. quickly became popular on the internet
J. strange
K. suddenly
L. touching with small, quick movement
M. unbelievable
N. without shame, blatantly

How about creating and telling Tom's version?

Now, this is the only one we haven't read or heard yet. Give yourself 10 minutes to prepare, take notes with keywords, then tell yourself Tom's story of that romantic evening. You can record then listen to yourself on your mobile. Good luck with the task!


Key: 1-B ; 2-J ; 3-H ; 4-A ; 5-K ; 6-E ; 7-N ; 8-L ; 9-F ; 10-D ; 11-C ; 12-G ; 13-I ; 14-M