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The word(s) to remind us of 2017

'Youth ...People, who are able to start a youthquake in the age of fake news and kompromat. Those who have unicorn food and read the posts by Milkshake Ducks. Some of them wear gorpcore, others are Antifa protesters, some suffer from white fragility and others are broflakes.' You may not understand the bolded words, which is a shameless piece of newsjacking, by the way.

Here's another text to help you figure out the meaning of the strange words that were shortlisted for the Word of the Year by the Oxford Dictionaries. BTW, the winner is YOUTHQUAKE cool

During the last elections in Britain, there was a huge increase in the number of voters. The influence of young people who voted in large numbers was as shocking as an earthquake. However, this ‘youthquake’ didn’t stop Theresa May from becoming Prime Minister.

Youthquakes might bring a little common sense into our lives nowadays when politicians have to face so-called kompromats (compromising materials), a collection of negative information used against public figures. Some people say that youngsters are interested in shallow things like gorpcore (outdoor-style fashion), they eat unicorn food, all too pretty to eat, and they, as online  marketing targets, are exposed to massive newsjacking by companies who use news items to popularize their brands, as well as  Milkshake Ducks (someone who suddenly becomes famous online, then soon we hear something really nasty about their past or their views).

Older people tend to say that millennials and the  even younger one don’t even think. Contrary to this, young people often follow movements like Antifa(cism), they do care about issues of feminism or racism. Some are broflakes though (the ones who are easily offended by views which differ from their own worldview), some are affected by white fragility, discomfort and defensiveness from a white person when they are informed about racial inequality and injustice.

Now you are a bit closer to understanding these words, so here is a task for you.

Match the definitions and the words.

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