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To the BEACH! Picture story lite

When watching short YouTube videos, you are actually halfway to practising how to tell a Picture Story cool

Let us show you how.

#1 There’s this mystery video that we turned into a series of screenshots, the black figure is Jim.

Can you tell the story?


#2 Wait. Some words you may need:



#3 Read our version of the story:


At last Jim arrived at the hotel, with his brand new camera. In the lobby he saw an open door and the sea through that door. The sun was shining brilliantly and the water was glittering. It was sweltering. He took his camera and left towards the beach. The door opened to the roof, he walked on to the seaside without suspecting any danger. He didn't watch his step, he was looking through the camera, wanting to take a splash. He was approaching the edge of the roof, but luckily there was a billboard between the hotel and the road, so he walked along the upper edge of the billboard. There was a traffic jam and a semi-truck stopped right next to the billboard. He kept walking towards the sea, still looking through his camera. After walking over a number of vehicles, stacked deck chairs, and a cool box, he was finally on the sandy beach. He stepped on some surfboards and a man who was sunbathing. He recorded people in beach chairs who were catching some rays, wearing sun hats, trunks, bikinis, flip-flops, kids who were making sandcastles. Parasols, deckchairs, lilos, inflatable toys, and beach towels everywhere. He reached the sea, having the time of his life. There were people splashing in the sea, sailboats and pedal boats, and ferries in the distance. Jim was over the moon. All the holidaymakers on the beach seemed to have a wonderful time.


#4 Now look at the pictures again and tell the story.


Do you want to know what Jim looks like? Here's the video:



#5 Now, why don’t you give it another go and tell the story once more?


Good. You’ve done your exam preparation bit for today, go to the beach! wink