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Yippiiiieeee! Emojis!

It is as if emojis have always been here, havent't they?

Well, no, they haven't, but emojis are fun,cheeky but World Emoji Day (17th July) is an important signal. Human communication is moving from face-to-face towards digital. Do you want to know more? enlightened

If you want to use it as a little bit of exam practice (B2 Listening / Task 2 Making Notes), click HERE and listen to the 6 Minute English podcast, "The rise of the emoji", by the BBC Learning English portal. 

Then read the following summary. Fill in each gap with a maximum of 3 words. Listen to it as many times as you want, start or stop it, if needed. 


Human interaction, especially face ___1___  communication uses 60% nonverbal signals besides language. Our interpersonal communication is taken over by ___2___ channels, we increasingly communicate in writing, using our ___3___  and other devices.

The is one element missing here though: with only letters, we are unable to express our emotional selves. Emoticons and emojis help us understand and express ___4___.


Emoticons came first. They are the ___5___  that you can produce with the help of the keyboard. (Smiley and sad faces, winking face, etc.) Emojis are actual images (a walking person, a piece of cheese or a fish.


The first emoticon was found in a ___6___ in one of Abraham Lincoln's speeches. It was a ;). Unfortunately, it turned out to be a typo. The first real emoticons were used in 1982 when a ___7___  asked his student to use a :) smiley in their writing when they intended a joke.


Key: 1 - to face; 2 -  digital, electronic; 3 - smartphones, phones, computers, tablets, laptops; 4 - empathy; 5 - facial expressions, faces; 6 - newspaper,  7 - university professor, professor, teacher

You can also use this video that includes the script wink


>>> Let's say this one is the official World Emoji Day site, with lots of facts, videos, and among others - EMOJIS.

>>> If you are an Apple-fan, you will dive immediately into the world of 70 new Apple emojis.

>>> Today, the World Emoji Day Twitter account abounds in tweets about itself...

>>> 17 July is not only World Emoji Day, but a couple of other serious causes celebrate themselves, e.g. National Tattoo Day and many others, as the National day Calendar proves it.