Do you want to hit the road?

Or simply want to follow your dreams at home? Whatever you want to be or do, wherever you imagine your career, you will surely need language and communication skills, as well as the right qualifications.

If you wish to develop your skills to be able to use them effectively in real life and you also want to pass your language exam, preparing for the Euroexams offers you both. After all, they measure real-life skills, like your ability to write an application to university, complain in a shop about a broken mobilephone, have a sophisticated conversation with foreign friends or find relevant information in a text. The key to successful communication is how well you can express yourself both in content and style and how well you can understand your partner.

That is why, in the Euroexams, you can expect everyday situations. problems and communication needs, while the Assessment Criteria reflect the approach, as well. Accuracy is important, but we put greater emphasis on successful communication.

If you are applying to university, graduating or looking for a job...

Whether you are aiming for university, want a degree or career, an accredited language exam is a must in Hungary. Euroexam certificates are accepted for university applications, graduation and job applications. Apart from a state-accredited language certificate, Euroexams provides you with an international certificate, too, since the exam meets the levels of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

If you want to test your real knowledge,...

One of the main advantages of the Euroexams is that you can prepare and test yourself in a variety of ways with a range of tools before the day of the exam. You will find e.g. free, downloadable practice exams and exam preparation tips. In our e-Shop, you can buy all our official course- and testbooks.  

On top of all this, you can even complete our free elearning exam-preparation course, which offers you intensive preparation and the support of teaching professionals, from the comfort of your home. All you have to do is register start using elearning course, which - apart from testing your skills - will also help you develop your exam strategies, so that you can do your best in the exam.

If you want an award-winning exam,...

The Euroexam Centre has been awarded twice the European Committee’s prestigious European Language Label award, first in 2002 for the modern and practical approach of its exams and in 2011 for the innovative elearning exam preparation course.

If you have any further questions, send them to us in English to, or ask your question in English in our Forum.

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