Exam Fees

Euroexam fees are identical for the English and German language exams. As for exam types, the general and professional and business English exams can be either monolingual or a bilingual, and the fee for both versions are the same.


Complex exam
(written and oral part together)

Fee of separate written exam

Fee of separate oral exam

B1-Threshold Level

HUF 26 000

HUF 18 000

HUF 18 000

B2-Vantage Level

HUF 32 500

HUF 22 000

HUF 21 000

C1-Operational Proficiency

HUF 34 000

HUF 24 000

HUF 23 000


How much is the exam cancellation fee?

We charge 20% of the exam fee as a handling fee in the event of postponement or repayment of the exam fee.

How much is…

... an exam review request?

According to the 137/2008. (V.16.) Statute a review concerning the exam’s evaluation can be requested for a special fee, which is HUF 2 000 / HUF 3 000 per test (e.g. Speaking test). You can read further details about appeals and exam review in the Exam specifications or on the Frequently Asked Questions page.

…exam paper viewing and consultation?

There are two ways you can view your exam paper:

...the viewing of the Exam papers?

The Euroexam Centre provides the opportunity of viewing one’s language exam paper. On this occasion the candidate can view his or her written exam tasks (with solutions and marking guide), as well as the evaluation sheets of his or her written and oral performance. Exam paper viewing is free of charge.

...the consultation?

The candidate has the opportunity – with the help of a trained examiner language teacher appointed by the Euroexam Centre – of viewing his or her assesse paper and receiving its detailed analysis. Beside the viewing of the paper, the most characteristic issues and shortcomings are diagnosed during the 45 minute individual consultation, and the candidate is also provided with advice for further preparation. The consultation fee is HUF 3 900.

You can read further details about exam paper viewing and consultation in the Exam specifications or on the Frequently Asked Questions page.

 ...the replacement of an international certificate?

The fee of the replacement of a lost or damaged international certificate is HUF 2 500.

...the correction of a miswritten or misprinted language exam certificate?

  • If the data provided by the candidate was faulty, the fee of reprinting the exam certificate is HUF 4 500.
  • The correction of the language certificate is free of charge in any other cases.