Practice and prepare in 5 steps

What is the secret of a successful exam?

Regular, well-structured preparation which builds on every piece of material, method and webpage that supports the preparation process. For example, using all the free help you can find here on our website, which was put together by experienced examiners and teachers into a 5-step training-plan, which is in fact a 5-6-week-long self-study preparation programme. Follow your dreams, follow our steps.

1. Build on solid bases with a free Downloadable Practice Exam 

First take a deep breath and start from the basics instead of panicking. Familiarize yourself with the exam tasks with the help of a Downloadable Practice Exam. You can do it in one sitting or break it up to tests (in other words, completing all Reading or Listening tasks in one go). Whichever approach you want to follow, make sure you always stick to the given time limits, this is the only way you can call your results realistic.

2. Ten minutes of Facebook break = Ten minutes of practice with the Weekly Practice Tasks

Complete a “10-minute-long” Weekly Practice Task every day. Every time just a little – this could be fundamentally important in preparation. If you devote only 10-15 minutes a day to our Weekly Practice Tasks instead of surfing the internet, you will be surprised to see how much you improve. You can make your picks from these as early as 6-8 weeks before the exam and will be able to check your results instantly.

3. Develop your own super-strength, your special abilities with our Extra Online Practice Materials

We cannot teach you how to fly, but we can show you how to pass the exam with flying colours. Do all the 10 series of exercises in our Extra Online Practice Materials, which not only contain interesting topics, but also develop each of your language skills. They well make you more prepared and self-confident. This is a very important super-strength, when we talk about a language exam.

4. Listen to the “elders”, find out what is in the heads of your future examiners

Do you hear this a lot and still don’t believe it? Well, it IS pretty useful to listen to them, especially when the “elder” is an experienced examiner.  Browse our learning and exam tips, which will help you prepare for the writing, speaking and listening comprehension tests, and also the one on using a printed dictionary in an exam situation.  When you are done with these, find out about the evaluation criteria too!

5. Get on the Euro Elearning Express

You are about 5 weeks before the chosen exam, it's time to heck out the free Express online course. This way you can prepare for all the 4 tests of the exam in a concentrated way – yes, even for the speaking part. Our examiners will even offer you feedback on the texts you upload with evaluation and pieces of good advice. Don't miss Euro Elearning Express, it should take you to your destination: the successful exam.

6. Manage your stress. If you get tired, check out our Blog and learn while having fun with it

Who would have thought it was possible to learn this way? Well, it is with us. Study and enjoy our blog posts, which our teachers spice up with playful exercises and exciting topicalities. Moreover, you can find out about our favourite foreign language practice pages, highly recommended for browsing and for exam preparation.

We wish you enjoyable and successful preparation!