Downloadable practice exams

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Download our free practice exams and take a closer look of what awaits you in a real exam situation. Take a stopwatch or your mobile’s app and time your rounds. If you keep the time limit for completing the tasks, you will see exactly how much time you have used for each, and what types of tasks you are going to need help with.

The complete and original sets of practice exam tasks come with the audio material you can download free of charge, of course. Downloading the audio files means you can even take the listening comprehension tasks with you in your media player. Sounds better, doesn’t it?

Download our free practice exams

Become an "examiner" and check your own result

You can evaluate your performance of the practice exams you have completed with the help of the attached answer key. If you add up your points, you will see where you are in terms of preparation. You can read here in more detail about the calculation of scores after real exams.

Tip: Print out the exam tasks

Thus you can try out yourself and the exam in a more lifelike way. In other words, it could be useful to print the exam question papers and answer sheets for yourself. This gives you a better image of the sheets than just “browsing” them on the screen.

More tests to practice and prepare with

If you would like to expand your little collection of practice exams, you can find further complete sets of exams, in an identical format to the real exam tasks:  3 sets in every Practice Test Book (B1, B2, C1 and Pro B2), plus 5 more B2 sets in the EURO ANGOL testbook published by Akadémiai Kiadó. You can order these through our e-Shop, or find them at all our exam partners.

Downloadable practice exams with exam description and answer key

Complete set of practice exams with audio material and answer key. Play it safe! Start preparing with the practice exam, which will show you accurately and reliably how you are doing with your preparation.


Euro B1 - General Threshold Level

Euro B2 - General Vantage Level

Euro C1 - General Operational Proficiency

EuroPro B1 - Business and Professional Threshold Level

EuroPro B2 - Business and Professional Vantage Level

EuroPro C1 - Business and Professional Operational Proficiency


Euro B1 - General Threshold Level

Euro B2 - General Vantage Level

Euro C1 - General Operational Proficiency

Technical assistance

It may occur that your computer will not play the listening comprehension audio files smoothly. If this is the case, you can do either of the following:

  1. Refresh the Adobe Flash Player, - - and also delete the history and cookies in your browser.
  2. If that does not solve your problem, do a right click and save. You can listen to the downloaded mp3 file with any media player (e.g. VLC) to be found on your computer.