Test- and coursebooks for every exam, with free listening materials

“We would like as many and as up-to-date preparatory materials as possible.” We always hear the rightful wish of the candidates preparing for the exam. By now, each of our own publications are renewed and available, and they help to prepare for the general and business English B1, B2 and C1 exams, as well as for the German B2 exam. No matter which upcoming exam you are preparing for, take a look at what we offer. You can also order online from our e-Shop the book(s) most useful for you.

Another general and very useful feature of all the Euroexam publications on this page is that their accompanying audio files are downloadable free of charge, which allows you to transfer them to any media player and have them with you anywhere and anytime if you need or want to practice your listening skills.

You can use the mostly “colourful and scented” preparatory books together with the series of tasks that can be downloaded for free from our site, and with the practice- and exam tasks of the free elearning courses too. The coursebooks also complement each other well with the tips for the Writing test and with the exam tips for the Speaking test pages, also found on our website. These will give you exhaustive opportunities to practise and reflect, obtaining the necessary exam experience at the same time. The rest is up to you. Here is what we offer.


Eurocity B2 2.0

You can find 24 exam tasks in the 24 lessons of the B2 preparatory coursebook, which is at the top of the popularity charts, as well as dozens of exercises that prepare you for the exam tasks. The units have interesting, entertaining and up-to-date (e.g. Making Movies, Cyber World), which will surely motivate you to express yourself in writing or in speech if you are instructed to do so. Therefore, you can practise each of your skills thoroughly when you prepare for the exam with the Eurocity B2 2.0 book.

During or after processing Eurocity B2, have a look at the series of tasks grouped according to the book’s topics on the website, to exploit them for further skills practice. These extra online materials (incl. reading texts, videos and audio recordings) guarantee skills development for you through a variety of topics and entertaining exercises, all completely free of charge, of course.


Eurocity C1 2.0

In Eurocity C1 2.0 there are 16 skills development units in the same order as the series of tasks in the real exam. These are complemented by accuracy and vocabulary building units, as the practice and sharpening of these skills is an important element of exam preparation. The last unit is the encore: it helps you with concentrated last-minute tuning in for the exam.




Practice Test Book B2 and Practice Test Book C1 

All Practice Test Books offer a really user-friendly format for candidates and their teachers. They consist of 3 complete series of tasks with an answer key to check your performance. The 3 sets of tasks are identical with the content of the exam.  The format has other advantages, though. As you can find 3 different samples of each exam task in the publication; you can complete the same task type (e.g. Reading–Paragraph-Headings or Listening–Making Notes). In this way you can focus on one specific skill in an effective way.


Pactice Test Book EuroPro B2

Three brand new complete sample sets of tasks with an answer key and downloadable listening material – in one volume, as usual. The Practice Test Book EuroPro B2 is the ideal companion for candidates who prepare for the Vantage Level business English exam. The “3-tests-in-1-book” format allows you to practise not only by completing a full set of tasks, but also by developing a certain skill in a concentrated way with 3 tasks of the same kind, (e.g. Listening-Meeting). It is also important that in the Test Book you will find 6 sample task sheets for Task 2 of the Speaking test (Presentation), which is considered one the most difficult tasks in the exam.

And don’t forget, if you want to prepare even more intensively, there is a freely downloadable EuroPro B2 Web Coursebook waiting for you.


Pactice Test Book B1

This one used to be a missing link in the line of Test Books, but we have now managed to fill this void, too. You can find 3 complete exams with authentic exam tasks in the book, in the usual “3-in-1” format. You can follow two approaches. You either complete all the tasks of a whole exam, keeping the time limits in one go, or you can develop a certain skill in a concentrated way with 3 pieces from any type of exam task (e.g. Listening - Making Notes). Our candidates especially appreciate that there are 6 sample picture stories included for Task 2 of the Speaking Test, which is considered one the most difficult tasks in the exam.


Euroexpress B2 2.0

 You can prepare for the general Vantage Level German exam with a revised coursebook published in January 2015, which is cleverly divided into about 60 hours worth of learning material. Each unit covers one exam task, with systematically compiled practice and tuning-in exercises. These start off from an everyday situation, and get you through to the exam task while practising the most important skills. The units also give you plenty of advice and ideas to help your preparation.


Testbuch Euro B2

Students preparing for the German B2 exam can prepare now with almost as many sets of tasks as students of English ;) You can find three complete mock exams in this test book too, with answer keys and freely downloadable listening material. Of course every sample task is an authentic exam task, in every way identical in format with that on the the exam paper. The evaluation criteria are also included in the volume to provide guidelines of what you should pay attention to in the Schreiben and Sprechen tests.  You can follow two approaches during preparation: you can either complete a whole exam, or you can develop a certain skill in a concentrated way with 3 tasks of the same type (e.g. Hörverstehen-Inhaltsangabe). Our candidates especially appreciate that there are 6 samples of picture stories included for the second Sprechen task (Bildgeschichte), which is often considered one the most difficult tests in the exam.


How to calculate the results of exercises in the coursebooks

You can evaluate the completed exercises yourself with the help of the answer keys. By adding up your points you can get a good approximate total result of how you are doing with preparation. You can convert it to percentages if you want to.

You can read here in detail about how results calculated after the exams themselves are calculated.

Audio files downloadable free of charge

The audio files of all the books and any other publications are available on the website in several different media formats. Download them to your computer for free, or straight to your mobile phone, tablet, mp3/mp4 players, and start listening practice right away.

We are awaiting your feedbacks, remarks and questions about or books and other publications in the Forum.