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Practice Test Book B1

This used to be a missing link in the test books series, but we have now managed to fill this void, too. You can find 3 complete exams with authentic exam tasks in the book, in the usual “3-in-1” format.

In this test book format, you can follow two approaches.

  1. You can complete all the tasks of a whole exam, keeping the time limits and all other requirements in one go.
  2. You can develop a certain skill in a concentrated way by doing the 3 tasks of the same kind (e.g. Listening- Making Notes).

Our candidates especially appreciate that there are 6 sample picture stories included for Task 2 (Picture Story) of the Speaking test, which is considered one the most difficult tasks in the exam.

Useful tip:

Even if you are preparing for a B2 exam, it may be worth completing a series of B1 exam tasks. Why? Because almost all of them – except the ones in the Writing test - are the same in both tests, and you can get a sense of achievements from the high scores to gain confidence.