Business is business - Practice Test Book EuroPro B2

Get more practice materials for the B2-level Business English Euroexam with our new testbook. 

That’s what you get with three brand new complete practice exams and answer key in one volume – plus free downloadable listening material. Success involves using and developing your language skills, plus focussed examination practice. The EuroPro Practice Test Book helps you do just that.

The 3-in1, in other words “3-tests-in-1-book” format offers you plenty of practice opportunities through three different approaches:

  • Complete a full exam (the Reading, Writing and Listening Tests) in one sitting, keeping all the time limits.
  • If you have less time, complete at least all the tasks of one test (e.g. the Reading Test from one of the exams).
  • Develop a certain skill in a concentrated way by doing all three tasks of the same kind, (e.g. Listening-Task 2: Meeting)

Since candidates often worry about practice materials for the Speaking Test, you will be pleased to find six sample task sheets for Task 2 of the Speaking Test (Presentation), a task which is often considered one the more difficult tasks in the exam.

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And don’t forget, if you want to prepare even more intensively, there is a freely downloadable EuroPro B2 Web Coursebook waiting for you. The book has been out of print for some time, but about 80 percent of it is still appropriate and valid for today’s EuroPro Exam. Using the book you will be able to develop your exam-specific skills, in addition to doing practice exam tasks.