Exam Regulations

No question, there are more fascinating readings than the rules and regulations of Euroexams. But for an exam candidate, there cannot be too many more useful ones. This is the most detailed description of all exam procedures: registration, the written and oral exams, plus useful information about asssessment, as well as about the ways of submitting an appeal. Don't just scan it, read it carefully to feel confident about all elements of the exam.

Are you dyslexic? No problem.


Every year, dozens of candidates defeat their difficulties, disabilities or other special needs, and they pass the language exam successfully. Why shouldn’t they? If you indicate your special needs with a valid medical certificate when registering for the exam, you may feel safe, knowing that we will cater for these needs, whether you are dyslexic, hearing- or visually-impaired. As a result, you can work on exam papers in helpful formats; you may even get extra time with an individual invigilator, or be able to use your own laptop.

Testing Real Language Use

Euroexam’s most important aim is to test your abilities of real life language use through tasks which are really similar to lifelike situations. Whichever version of the exam you consider, it will test how you can use your language knowledge and skills in English or German in real life communication.

Where can I collect my certificate?

First of all, congratulations on your successful exam! Now, if you registered for your exam at the Euroexam Centre, every exam-related administration takes place there, therefore you can pick up your certificate in person at Tábor utca 5. during office hours. Everyone else can pick up their certificate from the exam partner whose name and address is given on the online account.

Speaking Tips for the B2-Level Exam

There are many ways you can shine in a Speaking test. Quick and witty answers, fluent storytelling or an effective solution of a conflict will help you make a good impression on the examiners. This collection of tips, suggestions, guidelines and language samples will help you achieve better results.