Exam Registration

We are glad you’ve made the decision to register for the language exam. Below you can find out about what you have to do when you hand in your registration.

Anyone can register for the exams, who has passed his or her 14th birthday in the calendar year of the exam, regardless of where he or she studies or has studied English or German. Registration can be carried out by filling in the registration form and paying the exam fee at the same time.

Step 1: Find out about the registration conditions

You can register for either a complex exam, or for a separate oral / written exam (as well as retake them separately). Before doing so, please, read the sections on registration in the Exam Specifications. For the detailed schedule of the exam, see the Process of the exam page.

Step 2: Fill in the registration form

Online Registration

You can register on our website by filling in the following online registration form. The exam venue you have chosen will notify you by email about how to pay the exam fee.

Note: Registration on the website – e.g. in order to download preparation 
materials – is independent from online registration for the exam.

Registration in Person

You can also register by filling in a registration form on paper, which is available:

  • at the reception of the Euro Language Exam Centre
  • (1012 Budapest, Tábor u. 5.);
  • at any Euroexam exam partner, or
  • you can also download the registration form from our website

You can hand in the filled in registration form to the Euroexam Centre or your chosen exam venue in person, or send it by email, post or fax.
(If you want to save the registration form instead of opening it, use right click and choose save from the menu).

Special Needs

To those candidates, who fall under the special needs category (e.g. dyslexic, dysgraphic, visually impaired, hearing impaired etc.) we can provide specific, individualised exam conditions, if they indicate their need when they register. You can find out more about these conditions here.

Missed the deadline? No problem

You can register for Euroexams up to two weeks before the exam. However, if you don’t leave it to the very last minute and register at least 4 weeks before the exam, you can save the special procedural fee.

Step 3: Pay the exam fee

Ways of paying the exam fee

The exam fee can be paid in cash, by (pink) postal cheque, or bank transfer. The deadline of the payment of the exam fee is the same as the registration deadline.

Paying in cash

You can pay the exam fee – during office hours – at the exam venue where you register for the exam. Our partner institution will give you the necessary payment information after receiving your registration form.

Paying by pink postal cheque

In this case, you send the cheque to the exam venue where you wish to register and sit for the exam. Please, make sure you write the following information on the cheque: the exam type you are registering for (e.g. English B2), your name and address.

Paying by bank transfer

You can also pay the exam fee by bank transfer – you will receive the necessary account number from the exam centre or partner. Please, make sure you write the exam type you are registering for (e.g. English B2), your name and address in the note column. Please note also that we can only provide invoice for the owner of the bank account.

Need a VAT invoice?

If you have paid in cash, we can only give you an invoice on the spot, we are not able to do so afterwards.

If you have paid by postal cheque, you need to indicate your request for a VAT invoice in the note section of the cheque, together with the precise data of the buyer (name, address). We are not able to give you an invoice without this.

If you have paid by bank transfer, you need to indicate your VAT invoice request in the note section of the transfer form, together with your precise personal data (name, address). We are not able to give you an invoice without this. In this case, the buyer must be the account owner.

After you have registered and paid the exam fee, you can find out about your exam schedule in your online box.