Exam Regulations

In order to pass the exam, you should know pretty clearly what task you are undertaking. Get the details of the whole process from the latest version of our Examination Regulation document. This will make the process easier and more transparent for you. You will surly find it the most detailed description of how to register, what to expect before, during and after sitting for the tests, while you will also be informed about the assessment, as well as about the steps of the appeals process.

Exam Regulations

To obtain all relevant information, guidelines, rules, procedures about Euroexams, download and read very carefully at least once the Euroexam Regulations (effective from 2016 April 1) in pdf format.

Things to know

You can download and read the detailed Things Worth Knowing document for further details in pdf format.

(If you want to save the documents instead of opening them, use right click and choose save from the menu).