Exam results

Dear Candidate,

You can check your results of the English Euroexams held on 3rd September.

You need to achieve at least 60% of the total marks in order to pass the exam, while also achieving at least 40% in every test. You may obtain a state-recognised oral or written certificate if your exam has only been partly successful.

We issue the exam certificates automatically, in accordance with the results.

The state-accredited language exam certificates arrive at the Exam Centre about 3-4 weeks after the announcement of the results at the very latest, and can be picked up at every exam partner’s office 4-5 days later. We do not send a separate notification about the arrival of the certificate, but immediately publish it on our website and our Facebook page.

In order to check your exam result, please provide the full exam code, which you were given during the exam by the invigilator (e.g. EI120112BP123456-3).

The result you receive is final and detailed, while the language exam certificate will contain the official result.

You can read the details about receiving your certificate here.

You can find help for the interpretation of the exam result here.

Details about viewing your exam test in person can be found here.

Technical information

In certain browsers you may find that after entering your code the “Send” button remains grey and you cannot click on it. In this case, hit the TAB button, or click anywhere outside the SEND button’s field to activate the button.

Checking your exam results