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In the final weeks of your intensive preparation process, you may feel you still need some support and boosting. That's when a 4-week elearning exam preparation course does the job for you. You can practice, develop and prepare in the comfort of your home at a time that fits your schedule.


Euroexam elearning Európai Nyelvi Díj

The Euroexams are the first to win the European Commission's prestigious award, the European Language Label on two occasions: in 2002 for the innovative and practical nature of the whole exam system, and then again in 2011 for the quality and user-friendliness of its elearning exam preparation courses.


Who is the elearning course for?

The online course is mostly recommended for those whose language skills more or less meet the requirements of the chosen exam, and for those who are planning to use the course mostly for refreshing their knowledge, practising the exam tasks, learning about exam strategies and receiving tips on how to solve the tasks. You can also find detailed information on the structure, content and benefits of the courses.

Before embarking on a course, remember that it does not substitute the assistance of a teacher. We do not recommend it to those whose language skills and knowledge would need further general development. For them we recommend a teacher’s assistance and/or a language school course.

Participation in the course and its successful completion is for information only and it does not guarantee a successful language exam in the future. But based on the participants’ experience during the past 5 years, we can say that it offers tremendous help, and all the work and effort will pay off.


Participation requires a free registration only. Before clicking on Enter the course or the picture on the right, remember that the registration page for the elearning courses is in Hungarian.

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What kind of courses can I choose from?

Basically, three different course types are available: B2 and C1 English courses and a B2 German one.

How long does it last and when does it start?

Our 4-week e-learning courses are launched during pre-exam periods, always on a Monday exactly 5 weeks before the next exam date. You will receive assistance from a teacher during the whole course, and you will get a chance to prepare for and practise each and every task of the exam. If you want to prepare better for the writing test, you are encouraged to upload a couple of compositions, and our experienced examiners will mark and evaluate them before sending it back to you with a short written assessment. You can even take a mock speaking test from home through skype.

How many tasks are there to complete?

In our recommended weekly units you can find 3-5 sets of tasks, all focusing on a specific exam task, and it is supported by preparatory, lead-in and practice tasks.

How many times can I complete a task?

It is up to you how many times you attempt tasks. Feel free to do them as many times as you want.

Which exam tasks can I practise with the course?

The course covers all four tests of the exam (Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking) and it provides practice opportunities for each and every task type. Apart from practising exam tasks, you will also be able to develop your writing skills through our writing tutorials and focus on your speaking skills with the help of a range of practical speaking tasks.

How can I develop my writing skills in the course?

Our experts have created a series of entertaining writing skills development tasks. You also have the option to upload your own pieces of writing and our colleagues will mark and assess them with the official assessment criteria.

Do I have to go through the course alone?

Not in the least. A teacher will be available for the entire duration of the course, and you will also get the chance to ask them questions live through skype.

Participation is free

The Euroexam online preparation courses are currently available free of charge. All you have to do is register and complete the tasks regularly, then succees at the exam.