Exam types and levels

General and Business Language Exams

The English and German Euro exams test your general language knowledge, while we recommend the EuroPro English language exam to students of institutions which require certificates of English for business and professional purposes. Both types of certificates are fully accredited, and provide the bonus points for university entrance, and are also a prerequisite for a degree at most universities and colleges.

You can enter for exams at three levels, Threshold Level (B1), Vantage Level (B2), Operational Proficiency (C1) levels in both exam systems. These levels meet both the requirements of the Council of Europe and the Hungarian accreditation system.

Monolingual or bilingual?

An important reason for the popularity of Euroexam is that you can decide for yourself whether you want to take a mono- or bilingual exam. The monolingual version is almost identical with the bilingual one, except that the Mediation part is missing from it. Candidates for the mono and the bilingual exam sit for both the written and the oral part together. The marking and evaluation of the common exam parts also correspond.

However, it is worth considering the following before coming to a decision:

  • The majority of candidates perform well, above their average score in the Mediation/Sprachmittlung part of the exam. Therefore, choosing the bilingual exam – with sufficient preparation – increases the chance of a successful exam in the case of the majority.
  • You need to indicate at entering the exam if you want to sit for the mono- or the bilingual option. Choices can be modified until the supplementary application deadline (two weeks prior to the date of the exam), for a special procedural fee. 
  • The application process and its conditions do not differ in any other respect.

For further information on application, contact the Euroexam Centre, the customer service of the exam partners or the electronic costumer service.

Which level shall I choose?

Euro B1 – Threshold Level English and German language exam 

We recommend this exam to pre-intermediate learners who would like to show evidence of their learning, or would like to get to know the exam system and practice the exam techniques. The Threshold Level exam is an excellent basis for everyone who wants to take a Vantage Level exam later. It is a full value Threshold Level exam recognized by the state from English and German, also accepted at several workplaces.

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Euro B2 – Vantage Level English and German language exam

We recommend this exam to upper-intermediate level learners, who want to obtain a language certificate necessary for a university entrance exam and a degree. Most workplaces in Hungary expect Euro B2-level knowledge and the Vantage Level certificate justifies exactly that level.

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Euro C1 – Operational Proficiency level English and German language exam

We recommend this exam to advanced level students, or even to those who strive for native level language use, or to those who would like to get a certificate that testifies the most widely recognized language knowledge. The Euro C1 Operational Proficiency exam means a maximum score at university entrance exams in Hungary, and is also expected for studies abroad in general. It is widely accepted at workplaces both in Hungary and abroad.

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