Preparation and exam tips for the Writing test

How do they score my writing and why? What counts more, style or accuracy? 

...or the clear expression of my purpose? These are real queries of candidates, which are valid for any text type we produce in real life, as well. After all, we always aim to communicate very clearly, expressively, and effectively in writing, since we are never present when the person we have written to reads our text, and, thus, we don't have the chance to make it any clearer or give extra explanations. And if these are the expectations in real life, why should an exam be different?

So, check out the useful and practical tips for preparing for the 2 tasks of the Writing Test. Learn about our expectations and chew the advice on how best to prepare, what to focus on before, during, and after writing the various texts on exam day. The tips cover all 5 text types that could occur in the B2 or C1 exams: transactional emails (letters), articles, essays, reviews and letters to the editor. Apart from the tips, you will get suggestions about useful English- and German-language websites, webpages for further practice and sample texts.

Click on the links below to reach our tips for the different levels of the Writing Test:

Writing Tips for the B1 Level

Writing Tips for the B2-C1 Levels