Euroexam’s express training

Learn at the speed of light and improve your score

What is this? Does the language exam candidate – like the city – never sleep? One thing is for sure, it is useful to make a final, concentrated effort right before the exam.  Our “Exam Training in a Flash” was established to put those into the picture, concerning the task types and formal requirements of Euroexams, who are not able to take part in formal preparatory courses. During the special training, you can get lots of tips that will earn you bonus points. Who knows, one of them may be the point you need to pass or help you score fantastic points.


What are we offering?

  • a detailed analysis and practice of every single Euroexam  task of the chosen exam type,
  • quick development of the skills the given task requires,
  • exam tips and ideas for a successful performance,
  • higlighting possible traps and mistakes to avoid
  • answers to all your exam-related questions.


1012 Budapest, Tábor u. 5. - Euro Examination Centre

Course fee:

9.900 Ft.


Date of the 2-day long, 2x5 hour course

For the English exams on 22 October 2016:

ENGLISH Euroexam B2 – Vantage level

ENGLISH Euroexam C1 – Operational proficiency

Venue of trainings: Euro Examination Centre - 1012 Budapest, Tábor u. 5.

Applying for Express Training:

Further Express Training information 

Where to send the application form and by when?

In e-mail:


In fax:



In person or by post:

Euroexam Vizsgaközpont
1012 Budapest
Tábor u. 5.


Application deadline:

As long as there are free places in a group.

Is there a fee? If there is, how can you pay it?

The fee of the training isThe fee of the training is:

HUF 9 900 


Bank transfer:

Euro Nyelvvizsga Kft.
KHB 10403181-31821647-00000000


In person or by postal cheque:

Euro Examination Centre
1012 Budapest
Tábor u. 5.


Important! Make sure that you write your own or the applicant’s name and birth date in the Note section on the cheque or transfer. Please, attach a copy of the proof of payment to the application form.