Preparation and exam tips for the Speaking test

Tasks and expectations

That's exactly what you get here about the Speaking test at B1 and B2 levels. In these brief, easy-to-read guidelines you will find the expectations of your examiners in each task of the B1- and B2-level Speaking tests. Yet, this is definitely not enough, so you can also find tips, ideas and suggestions about how best to prepare for and perform in tasks 1-4. And if you want even more than all this, check out the recommended language samples on each tip page of words, phrases or sentences you can use in the various commmunicative situations which appear in the tasks., 

To make your preparation more effective, you can study the Assessment Criteria that the examiners use when grading your performance at the end of the exam. This will help you focus on what to say and what not to say to achieve your goals, to use linking words and phrases to connect your ideas, or to make sure you concentrate on what your partner says in the discussion task. 

Speaking tips for the B1 level

Speaking tips for the B2 level.