Weekly practice tasks

For your weekly systematic preparation, we publish an authentic Euroexam task and a solution / model answer (or a suggested sample text in the case of Writing / Schreiben tasks) every week from 8-10 weeks before the following exam.


In what way is this page different from the complete downloadable exams? If you have 10-15 minutes for preparation aand practice only, completing one task at a time is ideal. Then, a couple of days later you can do another one, and you can always check your solution immediately.

The goal is the successful exam

You can join in any time, and don’t forget – new week, new task with an answer key

The key, the solutions 

We make the key to each task available too when we publish the exercises. You have the opportunity to check your work and see what you are already good at and where you need further improvement. This is – luckily – not the exam yet, there is still time, no need to panic if you don’t know something or an exercise gets the better of you. You can still practice how to scan a text for relevant information, or how to listen for the specific information you need. In the meantime you can familiarise yourself with the exam, the types of tasks, the vocabulary, as well as the expectations through various sets of evaluation criteria.

How to calculate the results of weekly practice tasks

You can evaluate your performance with the help of the answer key provided. By adding up your points you can get to know how you are progressing with your preparation. You can read here in more detail about the calculation of scoring of the real exams.


In order to help you not to miss a beat, every task and its key is moved into the archives as the weeks go by. In this way you can join in any time or check out later the tasks published during a given 8-10-week period.

Tips for preparation

You will receive some useful tips with every task, given by experienced teachers and examiners

Technical assistance

It may occur that your computer will not play the listening audio files smoothly. If this is the case, you can do either of the following:

  1. Refresh the Adobe Flash Player, - https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ - and also delete the history and cookies in your browser.
  2. If that does not solve your problem, do a rick click and save. You can listen to the downloaded mp3 file with any media player (e.g. VLC) to be found on your computer.


Angol - Euro B2

A06. Task - English Euroexam B2
Writing - Task 1 - PLZ Publishing
A07. Task - English Euroexam B2
Reading - Task 2 - European cities
A08. Task - English Euroexam B2
Mediation - Part 2 - The path
A09. Task - English Euroexam B2
Mediation - Part 1 - Journey to Eastburn
A10. Task - English Euroexam B2
Listening - Task 1 - Wedding anniversary
B05. Task - English Euro B2
Listening - Task 2 - Art

Angol - Euro C1

08. Task - English Euro C1
Reading - Task 3 - Richard Geoghegan
09. Task - English Euro C1
Reading - Task 2 - Milan Kundera
10. Task - English Euro C1
Mediation - Part 1 - Task One - New Indria