English C1

Eurocity C1 2.0

There are 16 exam tasks in the 20 units of the Eurocity C1 2.0 coursebook that guarantee thorough preparation for the C1 English language exam. Each unit gives you both practice and skills development to best prepare you for all the exam tasks.

At the same time, we kept the accuracy and vocabulary building units of the book’s earlier version, as we consider the practice and sharpening of these skills as important elements of exam preparation. The last unit is there to help you with the concentrated last minute tuning in for the exam.

It goes without saying, that you can download every audio file of the book for free*, and instantly copy them to one of your media devicesUgyanakkor a tankönyv korábbi változatának nyelvhelyesség- és szókincsfejlesztő leckéit is megtartottuk, hiszen ezek gyakorlását és élesítését továbbra is a vizsgafelkészülés fontos elemének tekintjük.

Practice Test Book C1

This testbook was made in reaction to your “Please, give us more sample tasks.” requests. Well, here you are. Three complete exams are included in it, with answer key, free downloadable listening material*, evaluation criteria for the general Operational Proficiency exam. The format allows you to practise not only by completing a full exam (which can be very time-consuming) in one go, but also by developing a certain skill in a concentrated way with 3 pieces from any type of exam task (e.g. Listening-Short Conversations). Now, head for the e-Shop, then start and go on with your exam preparation workout.

Note that the pages from where you can download the audio files are all in Hungarian. But feel free to skip the long intro and scroll down immediately to the files themselves.

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