Prepare for your next language exam abroad

What is your dream?

Would you like to be a surf instructor in Bali, become a barrister in London, a mountain rescuer in a ski resort in Canada or a photographer in Budapest? Whatever your ambition is, you are sure to need persistence, language knowledge and relevant international experience.

Our team at Euroexam Study Travel can assist you, offering varied, personalised programmes. The best schools of London, Paris, New York, Barcelona and all over the world are waiting for you to take your first steps towards making your dream come true. You will gain new experiences and make new friends, which will make it surprisingly easy to pass the language exam. Travelling will enable you to speak and “possess” the foreign language.

How can we help?

We get to know you and your plans, find the answers to your questions with you, then together we can find the course and programme that is most suitable for you. We are not only at home with language exam standards but we are also familiar with career information and the schools which would best suit you.

Just one more thing: we do say no if we think you are not ready yet. But, if we do, maybe next year will be the right time for you.

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The world is in front of you with Euroexam Study Travel behind you.