B2: Eurocity, Practice Test Book and Extras

Start preparation with threefold strength

The B2 English is a fundamental necessity for most of you, e.g. for university entrance exam, for obtaining a degree, or for getting a job. As you know, B2s constitute the majority of our exam candidates, we receive masses of requests from you to have more practice materials both paper-based and online. We will not disappoint you, here’s our offer!  yes

The basis for preparation is the Eurocity B2 2.0 coursebook , which is at the top of the popularity charts. You will find 24 exam tasks in its 24 chapters, as well as dozens of exercises to prepare and tune you in for the exam tasks. You can support both your language preparation and acquire exam experience and skills with this book. Develop all your language communication skills with the units grouped around up-to-date topics, either by preparing on your own or with a language teacher’s assistance.

When you are done with the coursebook, you can move on to the second step. The challenge is Practice Test Book B2 , which contains three complete exams. Here you find the tests in completely identical form as they are in the exam, with answer keys, evaluation criteria, complete with freely downloadable listening material.

If all this is not enough, during the course or after processing Eurocity B2, have a look at the sets of tasks grouped according to the book’s topics, specifically for individual language practice on the website. You are entitled to these downloadable materials for free, as bonuses.

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