Test yourself with 3 complete exams in Practice Test Book B2

Give us as many real exam tasks as you can, please

We responded to this wish by publishing Practice Test Book B2, which quickly became a bestseller, too. Why?

Because you can find three complete mock exams with answer key and freely downloadable listening material in it. The format of the testbook is identical to that of the real exam, and you need not look for the evaluation criteria elsewhere, as those are also included. Another attractive feature is the inclusion of 6 sample picture stories, in other words, sets of pictures at your disposal for each test. This should be sufficient for your practice purposes.

The “3in1” format allows you to not only practice by completing a whole set of tasks in one sitting, but also by doing all 3 pieces of each type of exam tasks (e.g. Reading 1 – Paragraph-Headings) one by one. This way you can develop on particular skill in a concentrated way.

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IMPORTANT! When preparing for a skills-based exam, the most important task is to develop your communication skills (reading and listening comprehension, writing and speaking skills), which is also the most beneficial for you the everyday user of the foreign language in the long run.