Download the EuroPro B2 Web Course book

The EuroPro B2 Web Coursebook complete with key and audio is only a few clicks away from you. It is no longer available in print, but the electronic version, suitable both for practice and development, is available for free.

If you are preparing for EuroPro B2, you can skip Unit 1, 13, 14, 15 and 20 given that the exam structure has been slightly changed since then. The rest, however, will prove to be very useful.

You will also find it handy that each task has two names: that of the current version and also the name used in the last edition in 2009. This way, you can more easily compare the coursebook tasks with the current EuroPro B2 exam structure.

Don’t forget that the EuroPro exam tasks are largely the same as the general exam's tasks with only one task being completely different at B2 level (Task 2 in the Speaking test is a Presentation instead of the Picture Story). This is because the majority of business language use consists of regular transactional communication conducted in a business environment. This means that the way we test your communication skills is primarily through the same task types as we use in the general exam with the language focus being on business, of course. 

Download Download [Audio - Pro B2 Web Coursebook]
EuroPro B2 Web Coursebook Unit 5 - Short conversations
    Unit 6 - Making notes
    Unit 7 - Meeting
    Unit 10 - Dictation
    Unit  13 - Dialogue

If you only need certain units from the book, you can find them separately below.


Download [Introduction]

Unit 1 - Short texts (no longer part of the exam)

Download [Short texts]
Short texts

Unit 2 - Paragraph headings

Download [Paragraph headings]
Paragraph headings


Unit 3 - Scan reading

Download [Scan reading]
Scan reading  

Unit 4 - Multiple choice reading

Download [Multiple choice reading]
Multiple choice reading 


Unit 5 - Short conversations

Download [Short conversations] Download [Audio - Short conversations]
Short conversations Short conversations


Unit 6 - Making notes

Download [Making notes] Download [Audio - Making notes]
Making notes Making notes


Unit 7 - Meeting

Download [Meeting] Download [Audio - Meeting]
Meeting Meeting


Unit 8 - Transactional writing

Download [Transactional writing]
Transactional writing


Unit 9 - Extensive writing

Download [Extensive writing
Extensive writing


Unit 10 - Dictation

Download [Dictation] Download [Audio - Dictation]
Dictation Dictation


Unit 11 - Muliple choice gapfill

Download [Muliple choice gapfill]
Muliple choice gapfill


Unit 12 - Modified cloze

Download [Modified cloze]
Modified cloze


Unit 13 - Dialogue (Mediation)

Download [Test 5 - Dialogue] Download [Audio - Dialogue]
Dialogue Dialogue


Unit 14 - Summary (no longer part of the exam)

Download [Summary]


Unit 15 - Letter (Mediation)

Download [Letter]


Unit 16 - Interview

Download [Interview]


Unit 17 - Presentation

Download [Presentation]


Unit 18 - Transactional dialogues

Download [Transactional dialogues]
Transactional dialogues


Unit 19 - Collaborative speaking

Download [Collaborative speaking]
Collaborative speaking


Unit 20 - CEFR

Download [CEFR]


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