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Short classics

Life is short, books are long, so we reach for the abridged (shorter) version of classic novels, don't we?

Cartoonist John Atkinson has turned some literary classics into graphic art by creating images with super short summaries of the books.

If you choose to write a book review in your language exam, these examples, however hilarious, won't work for a plot summary. In that case, you should e a bit longer but not too detailed. However, you can find some examples of plot summaries in the following exercise. 

Match the first part of each summary (1-3) with its second half (A-C).

1) The girl on the Train

A divorced alcoholic woman takes the same commuter train every day. From the train she watches the same couple having breakfast on their deck, she imagines how their life is perfect. 

2)  A Game of Thrones

Several noble families fight a civil war over who should own the Iron Throne, while an exiled princess tries to find her place in the world.

3) The Maze Runner

A boy wakes up in a lift, the only thing he can remember is his name. He’s with other boys, all in his shoes. They are in the Glade, an area surrounded by an ever-changing maze packed with dangerous creatures. 

A) The kingdom is threatened by the heir of the Dragon King  (previously removed from the throne), who wants to take revenge.

B) The only way out is to try and run out through the labyrinth. Then a girl arrives, her messages gives a chance to all the runners to get out.

C) One day, however, she sees something shocking while the train is stopped at the couple’s house. Unable to keep it to herself, the woman goes to the police but they don't believe her.

Key: 1 - C, 2 - A, 3 - B


More advice on plots summaries and graphic art

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